We <3 RP for April and new Additions to store!

New at We ❤ RP
::LM:: Queen Mary @ We <3 RP April!

Queen Mary

Previous We<3 RP Item new to New to Store April 3rd

[LM] Victaria Now @ We <3 RP!



New Store!

After much consideration, I now have an in-world store!
Life in Mono Main store
I’ll get more added to it but for now it is open to view and shop. Group Gift Vendor will be set up soon be sure to join the group while its free. Thank you all for the support!



LM ::Belated Release:: Maribeth

I knew I was forgetting something!

LM: Belated Release

This release was long overdue.

This particular dress was special made for a roleplayer at Realms of Ice and Fire sim many months ago! I did say I was going to release it mid December yet here it is two days till Feb.

This dress was made around the time my texturing picked up soooo with that being said, the dress is only 125l$ if you get it at my vendor at RoIaF. Marketplace will be a few more L$. Either way its cheap for the quality (I think anyway.)
Me wearing Maribeth
And I took a picture with my favorite color out of the bunch (which is Ruby) and the photo below is not edited at all (apart for my merging the two photos together and the windlight setting.) If you get it and love it Thank you!


LM February Release: Edmund ||Mens||

LM: Mens February Release...

Also coming to the Marketplace on the first is my second release for Men.

Because Sl guy RPers need love too! This one piece comes in six colors and will only be sold for 275!
LM: Edmund Teal
LM: Edmund Sapphire
LM: Edmund Rust
LM: Edmund Ruby
LM: Edmund Night
LM: Edmund Emerald
I’m already foaming at the mouth in regards to the Mens next release which I plan to take my time on.

As always be sure to have a look and follow my flickr@ https://www.flickr.com/photos/lifeinmonosl/

For inworld updates and coming group gifts join the update group @ secondlife:///app/group/55d6c185-e18f-bde7-6a36-73129a48e935/about

If you so happen to add me on your blogroll let me know so I can add you to my own. I am looking for Female/Male bloggers still as well as future Fantasy Shopping events and Gatchas. If you’d like the theme you can find me on SL @ Paris Batra

xoxo guys


Into the woods with my new release: Myri

This *is* my February release though I am many *many* days too early. I decided to have it out and about since I know my first week of February is going to be busy.


This dress is inspired by  those who play smallfolk in any sort of medieval themed sim. For a lot of RP they seem to be the forgotten sort, and there seems to be so many fancy gowns out there for Nobles. This is perfect for smallfolk, but also good enough for causal wear for noble ladies exploring the country side or walking into the woods.

Into the Woods_1
I took pictures of my own and I have to say I am happy with what I’ve produced. I hope you all are too. It will be released at the marketplace in February,  but for those who want their hands on it right now, you can find it in my vendor at the Realms of Ice and Fire sim on Wishes.

Into the Woods_2
I’m looking for my own shop soon, but I have no idea where to get started on that. As for events? Well, I’ll try my best to sign up for as many as possible or hope to be invited to join one!


New Brand

My new Brand: Life in Mono

Getting my foot in the door with SL design will be hard,  but I like challenges. With advice given to me from a dear friend of mine, I’m going to go the distance. I don’t know many people in the SL business of  ‘Events’ and the like, but hey, I’m in this for the long run.

So this time I was unable to get my foot through the door, but my foot it there, and it holding that door cracked open.

With that being said with my new release and newly given advice, I’ve redid my brand. Simple, but I love it, and its something I can live with the story having for a long while. Hope you like it!


Along with my new brand comes my new flickr so add to favs, follow, like photos and comment. Thank you ladies for sticking with me from the beginning, I won’t forget you.